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Hi, I am David

I've had a love affair with motorcycles from my early teens.  I've also had a love affair with photography during that same period. So it's no surprise that I've ended up here, fifty years later, with a room full of pictures of my favourite sport; motocross.

My first real bike in England was this '67 CZ and I still own and race a 1978 Husqvarna 390CR. In between these I've been lucky enough to ride almost evrything from a Bultaco to a Zundapp. I started Trials and Motocross News in the mid seventies and tested bikes, took pictures and wrote technical articles until I was hired by Cycle Guide Magazine in Los Angeles in 1980. 

My move to California coincided with a magical time in motocross history. It was a time of almost unlimited budgets and unlimited talent.  A unique moment in history when a new group of fast, young riders was joining a still-competitive group of established stars on radical new factory bikes. It was a time of rapid delelopment of both machinery and riding styles. It was a fantastic time with some of the most spectacular racing the world had ever seen.

I was lucky enough to have been there for the whole thing. Six of the best years of my life travelling with this wild group of amazing racers. I hope this book helps you relive those wild days through big pictures and the riders own words about Motocross The Golden Era. 

Dewhurst Photography

My true passion is for motorcycles but cars, in fact, anything mechanical, has always fascinated me. Over the years I've shot cars for many of the largest companies in the world to help pay the rent.

Dewhurstphoto              Lexus RCF for Lexus
Dewhurstphoto               Lexus IS for Lexus
Dewhurstphoto                       Speedway